Where To Buy Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Feature Helmet

You don't need to go to infinity and beyond for one!
Where To Buy Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Feature Helmet

Whenever a popular movie is released, you can bet your bottom dollar that an influx of toys and merchandise follow. When it comes to Toy Story 4, there's one toy that everyone is talking about. You've come to the right place if you want to buy the Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Feature Helmet in the UK. It has an RRP of £64.99, but we have found it cheaper than that...

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Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Feature Helmet

The Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Feature Helmet is one of those iconic toys that'll your child will remember fondly as an adult.

It boasts multiple special effects with lights that'll just add to that imaginative play experience.

There's a visor that can be moved up and down, and it sounds phrases like “Prepare for lift off!” and “Cadet, watch my back!”

When the helmet comes, it's in five pieces that snap together in seconds.

Comes with adjustable straps, so it's the right fit for all.


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  • Megan J.

    haha that looks amazing! Xxx

    • Clare D.

      Oh my god this is brilliant

      • Lisa D.

        Are these soundproof? Asking for a friend :smirk:

        • Hannah S.

          God if it does I'm super gluing one to my head :joy::joy::joy:

          • Kev W.

            awwww very cool :sunglasses: lol xxxx

            • Kevin S.

              Belter that he would love it x

              • Louisa E.

                Just seen the price Haha! Xx

                • Suzanne E.

                  Might have to get him one xx

                  • Oona F.

                    this is very true! I personally would hate it as looks so claustrophobic!! Lol xx

                    • Stacey F.

                      Want to get him this for his birthday x

                      • Kayley R.

                        Jensen would look awesome in that ha xxx

                        • Sinead S.

                          Going to cost me a fortune :see_no_evil:

                          • Kate S.

                            Does this come in adult size?:joy:

                            • Gemma S.

                              Yes I think he would I’m all buzzed out lol

                              • Gill H.

                                Yup lol I got him 1 and it doesn't even do anything exciting either :joy::joy: xxx

                                • Lisa N.

                                  Lol am going to go this weekend :blush:

                                  • Emma W.

                                    Garf found this yesterday, I said no :see_no_evil::joy: Bad mummy! X

                                    • Destiny H.

                                      He'd probably love it! :sparkling_heart: X

                                      • Joanne E.

                                        Let’s go Trafford centre :joy::joy::joy:

                                        • Bburns L.

                                          So did Lucas at that age....until he threw himself of the steps of a chute and realised he couldn’t fly ending up in an a&e visit!