Up To 30% Off Moana @ The Disney Store

Up To 30% Off Moana @ The Disney Store

Is your little one a Moana fan? Grab them something fab from The Disney Store with up to 30% off, including toys, fancy dress and more.

Here's our top picks:

This offer is on until 8th April and while stocks last.

Home delivery costs £3.95 or is free on orders over £50.


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  • Amanda J.

    here's the necklace r wanted :heart:

    • Ellie C.

      I wasn't sure if Lillie was still obsessed lol xx

      • Jackie B.

        Ha! Given up on that cup! Lol xx

        • Steph P.

          Yes we was admiring it all in Disney store the other day :grin:

          • Claire D.

            Thanks, already on it lol xx

            • Mark S.

              think we've got most of it

              • HollieLouise C.

                Oh yes lol that and sing! Xx

                • Victoria B.

                  Jessica would love this!! So would I xx xxx :kissing_heart:

                  • Kimberly S.

                    Lol ive literally just been looking at this x

                    • Christine P.

                      Ooh gonna have a look at that necklace!!!!

                      • Chloé R.

                        Think they have all this hahaa xxx

                        • Tegan C.

                          Omg I need the figurines :weary::heart_eyes::joy:

                          • Naomi M.

                            haha I actually love moana

                            • Leighanne M.

                              Thanks lovely will have look xx

                              • Natalie H.

                                Iv just this min looked at this. Xx

                                • Jade C.

                                  Hahahahaha just tagged you before I saw your notification :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                                  • Laura G.

                                    I've got my eyes on the costume :heart_eyes:

                                    • Natalie T.

                                      Don’t let John see this :joy:. He’s going mad about the amount of toys they have and how much I spend on them :joy::joy::joy: xxx

                                      • Kerry S.

                                        Ooo she wants the pig to go with her hay hay x

                                        • Donnamarie S.

                                          Oh little miss would love that xx