Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear £25 @ Amazon

Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear £25 @ Amazon

I'm not a huge fan of Toy Story - almost borderline heresy, I know, but I just didn't really warm to any of the characters.  Woody was too much of a goody-goody, Bo Peep just irritated me and as for Buzz Lightyear...well just looking at him and hearing his voice irritates me beyond belief!

You won't be surprised to learn, then, that I won't be rushing over to Amazon to pick up at Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear, even though they have reduced him down to £25 from £49.99.

He was/is just so superior, so full of his own self-importance and I could really get into full blown ranting mode about how much Buzz Lightyear grates on my nerves - I really must remind myself that he's not real!

However, if you are a fan of the arrogant space ranger then you're going to love having a Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear - he says 65 Buzz Lightyear sayings (in his original voice (someone rip my ears off now!)) and he has an interactive talk back feature.

He can also change between Space Ranger and toy modes and  has a retractable helmet, flip-up wrist communicator and body with sensors for interactive responses.  If that's not enough for you, he's fully poseable with pop-out wings, has glow-in-the-dark trim and multiple lights - he even comes with the three AAA batteries he needs too.

Delivery of your Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear is free if you choose the SuperSaver delivery option, which is always the best option unless you need things pronto.

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