Toy Story Pop Up Tidy, Bin And Storage Bag £5.00 @ Tesco

5 July 2011

toyStoryPopUpStorage Anything that encourages kids to be tidy has to be a good thing; Tesco are selling this Toy Story Pop Up Tidy, bin and storage bag for £5.00 instead of £10.00 - another good thing!

Pop up tidy storage 'things' (well, their not boxes are they so I'm not sure what else to call them) are marvellous inventions.

Quick and easy to 'pop up' and featuring all the favourite Toy Story characters, they are ideal for engaging in a bit of parental persuasion, "Woody would want you to be tidy and put your toys away," and "What would Buzz Lightyear think about all your toys being left laying around if he popped in to visit?"

I'm not beyond such underhanded behaviour, although I've found those tactics don't work with teenagers - posting pictures of the horror that is their bedrooms on Facebook for all their friends to see does though, and yes I have really done that - I enjoyed every minute of the fallout from it too *grin*

You don't have to use the pop up tidy for toys though, you could use it as a laundry basket and the storage bag could be used as a PE kit bag or for stashing swimming stuff.

Delivery will cost you another £5.00 which isn't such a deal, so click and collect for free instead if you can.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD

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