Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Backpack £7.49 @ Argos

Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Backpack £7.49

There are regular old kids' rucksacks.... and then there is this amazing Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Backpack! It's a must for Toy Story fans, and it's a cracking buy at Argos, as it's down to it's lowest price ever at £7.49.

This brilliant backpack is an official Disney product, and it's made to look just like Buzz's spaceship. There's even a little 'window' on it so it looks like Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Rex are taking a ride inside!

It's a regular sized backpack measuring H32, W26, D10cm, so it's not a mini one for toddlers, and should hold a fair amount for your little one.

It has one internal zipped compartment, padded adjustable shoulder straps, and a handy hook to hang it up with.

Reviews are very good, as are stock levels. Reserve and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.95.

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  • Andrew P.

    Just what I’ve always wanted :eyes:

  • Donna B.

    Louis would love this xx

  • Stephanie T.

    :joy::joy::joy: Aw ashton would love this I'm going to go have a look xxx

  • Stacey L.

    Is there a lunch box to match as was going to get him a new one xxxx

  • Rachel B.

    Cute. But he's got too many backpacks :weary:xx

  • Rob H.

    Funnily enough we've got him something similar already but with reins attached!! :joy:

  • Kirsteen M.

    I know 2 wee boys who would love these. :blush:

  • Hayley B.

    Aww wow George would love that

  • Ashton E.

    We already have this :thumbsup:

  • Lauren B.

    He has bless him can put it away for Playschool :joy: xx

  • Michaela G.

    Oh wow! He'll love this :grin: X

  • Derek H.

    he would love this!!!! xxxxxx

  • Geraldine G.

    You should doll god deal xx

  • Chrissy W.

    Il get him one for that price! Thank you xx

  • Kayleigh T.

    Thanks Hun. May have just ordered this :joy:. Collect tomorrow. He’s going to love it!!! Xxx

  • Emma N.

    Henry would love this! Xx

  • Julie M.

    Father’s Day in June Loz

  • Kelsey M.

    Just ordered it! I’ll pick it up from Argos tomozza

  • Carly B.

    Smart isn't it. Cheap too x

  • Helen P.

    Oooh thanks might take a wee look! x

  • Chrissy W.

    Its from Toy Story that time forgot. Have you seen it? Its about dinosaurs :hugging: x

  • Lauren W.

    Same, I thought you would, it's different aswell xxx

  • Gemma P.

    I thought of Alf as soon as I seen this lol hope you’re all ok xxx

  • Mariyea D.

    Aww class I’ll have to order it for him xx

  • Dannielle G.

    Its wicked! May have to get it for him! .. We're good thank you. Hope you all are too xxx

  • Jess M.

    Aww bless him ! Literally saw it and thought of max , it’s pretty cool :sunglasses: x

  • Hannah T.

    :scream: that is perfect for lou! X

  • Danielle C.

    This is amazing. He already has two toy story backpacks though so I shouldn't. (But probably will! :see_no_evil:)

  • Toni G.

    Sounds wicked. Love a bit of toy story. Olivia was obsessed with it couple of years ago xx

  • Richard P.

    Lincoln would go nuts for this x

  • Louise S.

    It really is to cool :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Sami G.

    Thanks we have that for his nursery bag x

  • Siân F.

    Oh god he'd love that! Thank you!

  • Jade F.

    Just reserved it i need to get his buzz costume anyways

  • Nicola J.

    I would if we didn't already have tons on bags

  • Natalie E.

    I've just seen this, I know they'd both love it but no more bags please lol xx

  • Katie H.

    Omg I’m ordering it!!! Xx

  • Abbie J.

    Oh wow :heart_eyes: need this haha. Thanks Hun xxx

  • Laura C.

    He would but I can’t deal with bags without drinks pockets. Soggy clothes lol xx

  • Arleen M.

    Thought you would like it

  • Samantha-Ashley P.

    Omg he needs this for preschool

  • Tanya P.

    Have reserved it at your Argos if want it???

  • Sarah E.

    for once something thats actually in stock in our store ordered it hes going to love it x

  • Elaine B.

    Awh good! Looks so cool x

  • Aimee S.

    I got him this for his birthday! x

  • Aimee S.

    Although I paid more than that from argos x

  • Gemma P.

    Arch would love this :heart_eyes:

  • Kirsty T.

    Erin would have that haha xx

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