Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear £64.99 @ Argos

Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear £64.99 @ Argos

ultimateBuzzLightyear*ATTENTION* Argos are selling this Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear for LESS THAN HALF PRICE - £64.99 instead of bank balance busting £149.99

This Toy Story 3 Ultimate Buzz Lightyear is a must for any Toy Story fan - he's a walking, talking, animated Buzz Lightyear robot.

Out of all the Toy Story characters I must confes that Buzz Lightyear is one of my least favourites, there's something about him that just irritates me, although not as much as Jessie - she REALLY gets up my nose.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear is suitable for little space cadets aged eight years and over and he EATS batteries - 11 AAs and 3 AAAs in fact. Seriously, get a decent rechargeable battery set otherwise you'll be battery bankrupt within three months.

On the plus side Ultimate Buzz Year sounds pretty cool. He says over 100 different phrases, you can pose his arms, legs and head and he'll record and play back those movements.

He uses infra-red wireless technology and has all sorts of flashing lights and other general robot 'things' going on.

Ultimate Buzz Lightyear isn't available for home delivery BUT I've checked stock levels with at various postcodes covering the country, and it looks as though he's currently available in most places.

I'd grab one whilst you can.

Thanks to londonbloke at HUKD


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