Sticky Mosaics Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa With Jewels £13.23 @ Amazon

Frozen Amazon are selling the Sticky Mosaics Disney Frozen Anna And Elsa With Jewels for £13.23 reduced from £19.99.

I love the idea of these Sticky Mosaics of Anna & Elsa, especially for slightly older fans of the sisters. It's a whole new take on the 'paint by number' pictures of my own childhood.

In this kit, you follow a numbered legend to add over 1200+ sparkling jewels and tiles to create 3 glittering pictures.

The pictures come with hanging tags so you can display them, and reviewers have rated it really highly. One person was annoyed that there were three pictures rather than four that other themes in the range have, but it's Frozen and they know most of us would pay it.

I think it's a lovely way to spend a rainy day away from a screen, and it'll be well loved by little fans!

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