Pre-Order The Lion King/Beauty & The Beast £10 Delivery @ Amazon

Pre-Order The Lion King/Beauty & The Beast £10 Delivery @ Amazon

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You know that saying, "you learn something, everyday"? Well today I have! Upon, looking for my favourite Disney films to share with my little nippers, I realised that not all Disney films are available to buy ALL of the time. Who knew? The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast are due for release on the 10th November. You can pre-order yours from Amazon for £10 each. This includes FREE Super Saver delivery. The maximum you will pay per copy is £10, but if it drops you will pay the lesser amount.

I know The Lion King is one of the most popular Disney films of all time and it is a favourite of mine, but I like a good old traditional Disney Princess tale, and Beauty & the Beast does it for me.

With the lovely Belle and the little adorable Chip I just love it. Of course The Lion King is fabulous too, and I was trying to get a copy to show my middle child, Ben. I know he will just love the antics of Pumbaa and Timon.

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