£14 Minnie Mouse Glittery Heels Heading To A Primark Near You!

£14 Minnie Mouse Glittery Heels Heading To A Primark Near You!

I recently spotted the most gorgeous pair of Minnie Mouse inspired glittery heels online, I made it my mission to find out where they were from and was so disappointed to find that the designer, Oscar Tiye* heels would set me back between £395 and £690 to buy a pair!

Cut to my most favourite shop Primark! They have come to the rescue and revealed an almost identical pair at a snip of the original price!I best start queuing now!

The budget fashion retailer has revealed in their Winter 2017 lookbook a pair almost identical to the glittery gold designer version, but at a snip of the designer pair. The Primark version are availabel for just £14 a pair! Yes you heard me right, just £14!!

There is currently no word when the shoes will be stocked in stores but fashion bloggers are already warning they will sell out fast.

They are available in black or gold and sadly that's as much as we know right now. Make sure you let all your Disney fan friends know!

Here are a pair of the Oscar Tiye Minnie Heels:

Pic courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Here are the brand new Primark heels, images courtesy of Primark:


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  • Charlotte O.

    I actually like these:joy:

    • Kristi H.

      Shut up!!! I need this in my life haha

      • Rebecca B.

        Lool these are adorable I want x

        • Kerry C.

          I need these in my life!!!xx

          • Elaine R.

            They are amazing!!!!!! Need to get a pair :heart_eyes: x

            • Kerry C.

              I'll be camping outside Pradamark until I get a pair! That'll be my shoes for the part :ok_hand_tone1:xx