Frozen @ VUE Cinemas And Cineworld

10 April 2014


If you've not joined the Frozen phenomenon yet, you can do so this week still, at the much more bargain cinema ticket price of... well, that depends where you are and what memberships you have, but lets just say it's a whole lot less than your regular cinema ticket.

I took my daughters to see a fairy movie a few weeks ago, and specifically chose a time that coincided with my youngest's nap time, so that she would sleep and my oldest and I could enjoy the movie in peace. When I got to the front of the queue however, they wanted to charge me over £9 and my daughters over £7 each. Amid tears and agonising pleas we left the cinema and went for icecream instead.

So as far as I'm concerned, whether you pay the 'full price' of £1.75 for tickets at the VUE, or you pay a reduced price of £1.35 with a MyCineworld membership card, it's a much better deal to wait for the Kids AM movies.

If you book online you do have to pay a booking fee, which some have said make your movie-for-two cost nearer £7, but quite frankly I'd still pay that rather than the full whack.

At my local cinema, Frozen is on today, Wednesday and Thursday, but check the listings to see when it's on for you!

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