Frozen Fever Song "Making Today A Perfect Day" Released on iTunes

15 March 2015

frozen fever pm

If your children are dragging you along to see the new Cinderella film because of the short film Frozen Fever then here's a bit more info on it to keep them going until then.

The brand new song from the film has been released exclusively on iTunes, and it's called "Making Today A Perfect Day". Frozen Fever is about a surprise birthday party being thrown for Anna, and the song is a big chunk of the film at nearly 5 minutes long, so don't listen if you want to keep it a surprise!

We only have audio for the song, with no new pictures or footage yet, but the lyrics might just give a clue about what could happen in Frozen 2 when that full length movie gets made.  With Kristoff shouting "I love you, baby!" to Anna could a wedding or baby be part of the new story? It's all shrouded in secrecy still right now, but it's fun to guess what might happen!

If you want a preview of the song before you buy you can hear it on Disney Playlist here.

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