Eurostar Disney £69 Per Person Return

Eurostar Disney £69 Per Person Return


Eurostar Disney have a special summer offer available: £69 per person, return to Disney.

Click here for the Eurostar website to choose your dates

  • Enter the code MLVSPLON-30% for travel from St Pancras International
  • Enter the code MLVSPASI-30% for travel from Ashford International

We drove to Paris last year – or actually to a park near Paris – where we camped for a week so we could explore the City and surrounds without paying major accommodation fees. Where we were there was a train that would take you to Disneyland Paris within ten minutes, and while I was keen to go, my husband decided it was a torture we should keep for when our daughter would enjoy it more.  Probably a good idea. While it was a fantastic trip, it was a really long drive and ‘next time’ I think with a toddler we would probably just take the train!

Eurostar have a special price on their trains going to Disneyland Paris. Depending on your budget, you can either  take a Standard journey for £69 per person, or £159 return in Standard Premier, which you can book up to four months in advance.   If you’re interested you can also check the Disneyland Packages on offer at Eurostar.

So, head to and see if there’s a getaway to Disney in your future.


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