Disney Soft Toy Dolls £10 (was £17.99) @ The Disney Store

Disney Soft Toy Dolls £10

The Disney Store has a great offer on dolls right now, as these big Soft Toy Dolls have dropped in price from £17.99 or more to just £10 each!

They're really large dolls around 50cm tall, and would make a lovely gift for a little one, as most are suitable from birth.

There's a really good selection of 16 dolls to choose from, including favourites like Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White and more.

You an also get them personalised for an extra £2.95 to make the gift even more special and unique for your little Disney fan.

They are really good value for money at just £10 each, especially considering their size, and although this offer is due to run until 13th May I can't see many of them being in stock for that long!

Home delivery costs from £3.95, or is free on orders over £50.

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  • Sally W.

    typical!!!! We have Belle, the beast was £30 in Orlando but only £23 online in the uk when I looked xx

  • Hannah A.

    Omg! I don't know whether to buy Halle the whole lot or replace Belle that I gave her :joy:

  • Sarah C.

    I know! Think I’ve got all of the older ones before they changed them! X

  • Lara W.

    I thought of you straight away lol xxx

  • Paula Y.

    Thanks I will take a look x

  • Joanna R.

    I hate when you do this to me. I would probably be rich if it wasn't for your keen eye and desire to please my child!!!

  • Paula Y.

    I think they all have printed features now :disappointed: Her ones are are stitched faces and while I’m sure Hollie won’t care I don’t think they look a patch on the old ones! X

  • Paige A.

    Hate when they do that! Never goes on sale when you need it too xx

  • Emma-Rose B.

    Or for me! And I will let Penny play with them occasionally! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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