Disney Princess Soft Dolls £5.99 @ Argos

Disney Princess Soft Dolls £5.99 @ Argos

Disney Princess DollsArgos are selling the Disney Princess Soft Dolls for £5.99 reduced from £9.99. You can click and collect for free but if you have it delivered you'll have to add £3.95 to the price. These are so very worth the money folks! Perfect for your gift drawer if nothing else.

Argos had these on sale a few weeks ago and I picked up one of the dolls for a little girl's 3rd birthday. I made the mistake of not putting it away very well, and when my daughter saw it they both wanted it so badly, it broke my heart a little to give it away! I went back for more, but all our local shops were sold out, so I'm really excited to see them back in stock.

It's one of those annoying ones where you get whatever the kid behind the counter feels like picking up on the day, but I'm sure if you have special request, they'll help you out as far as they can.

These are 29cm dolls - a little bigger than an A4 page - and they are really nice. The kids all love them. The blurb says they are 'non-functioning' but I have no idea what that means! As soft dolls, they function perfectly!

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