Disney Princess Party Invitations & Decor 59p Delivered @ The Works

Disney Princesses Party Bits The Works has a great selection of Disney Princess invitations and party bag fillers for 59p and if you use the code on the website FREEDEL there's free delivery with no minimum spend required.

Whether you're looking for 10 party plates for your Disney Princess, or a party table cover or napkins, or even the party invitations themselves, they are just 59p each, which means you can take care of all your party décor and invites for under £10, delivered!

Even the party bags themselves will only set you back 59p for 6.

There are a few other bits in that price category, so you could go for Disney Cars, if you prefer that.

There are bubbles and activity books and so on, but some of them are for 99p or more, but still very much worth a nosey if you're looking for holiday entertainment, driving bribes, or other little trinkety things.

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