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Sleeping Beauty

This is another popular item for Christmas 2014 and on lots of lists. It’s been around the £25 mark until recently but today Amazon have dropped it to £15 which includes free super saver delivery.

If you’ve not spotted the adverts for this one yet, Disney Princess Magic Dress Sleeping Beauty has been created with the idea that the Fairy Godmothers can't decide what colour to make their princess' dress. A simple twist of her crown and her dress (bodice and skirt) will magically change from pink to blue.

Great reviews on this one too, with a typical one being :

A really beautiful doll, lovely size. My daughter was so excited when she discovered herself that when you turn her tiara her dress changes. She loves to watch Sleeping Beauty and have the doll ready for that moment where her dress keeps changing to play along with it and spin the tiara round!


She loves the film so this is a special novelty gift for her. The only slight downside is that her dress cannot be removed so she can't treat her like her other Barbies and change the outfit but then she realises that this one is different! The tiara also has to stay on her head as it is fixed so she tends to keep this doll to one side.


It is beautifully made and a bit different to the regular princess dolls - a lovely gift along with the DVD for any little girl.

That is something to be aware of perhaps, the fact the dress and crown can’t be removed. I can’t be the only one that views this as a positive rather than a negative though? Saves me hunting through a ton of dresses for the one my daughter is looking for.

Change the delivery option to free super saver delivery at checkout and you’ll save 40% on this, making it £15 total delivered to your door.

Thanks to ne0star @ HUKD!


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