Disney Princess Dress Up Reversible Ariel Duvet Set £15 @ Asda George

Disney Princess Reversible Ariel Duvet Set

This gorgeous Ariel Dress Up Reversible Duvet Set keeps flying off the shelves at Asda George so I was over the moon to see that it is back in stock. If you keep missing out then grab one now before it sells out again!

This pretty Disney Princess Duvet Set is available for just £15 and comes in a single bed size. The set is designed to look like your little one is dressed as the beautiful mermaid, Ariel, whilst they are under the covers, perfect if your little one dreams of being a mermaid!

You can flip the duvet set over and the other side has another Ariel dress up design where you can see her beautiful princess gown that she wears. The matching pillowcase has Ariel's bright red hair on one side and then Sebastian and Flounder on the other.

Asda George also have a Belle and Cinderella duvet set with the same dress up design.

Home delivery is £2.95 and you can Click and Collect for free from an Asda store.

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  • Natalie R.

    thought of Eliza soon as I saw this xx

  • Tracey O.

    have u seen these so cute :heart_eyes: poor caoimhe has a double bed or I'd have got her this x

    • Sinead A.

      Omg these are class :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    • Sinead A.

      nuala would love them you know what she’s like with princesses:heart_eyes::crown:xx

    • Tracey O.

      I know she really would! All the girls would.. Flip if they did them in king size me and daragh would be getting one lol I already made him sleep in the elfie selfie one at Christmas

  • Lynsay H.

    That do belle and Cinderella too

  • Sarah-Jayne W.

    Been eyeing this up already lol xxx

  • Nicola T.

    I love this, best one I've seen x

  • Jade C.

    What do you would have? I would have this now :joy:

  • Lauren J.

    I know tagging you in these is becoming a habit but just look :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Alana R.

    Sofia would love this :heart_eyes:

  • Yaz K.

    Yeah seen that the other day!! It’s lush xx

  • Ren'e M.

    Omg where is this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Stephanie L.

    I had ordered it but never went though and out of stock when I checked :weary:

  • Donna Y.

    Lol I didn't even think to look x I just thought how magical is that!!x

  • Vicki D.

    I saw this! Isn’t it gorgeous?? Xx

  • Laura B.

    Awww Freyby would love this!

  • Kirsty M.

    LOVE it id have it on my bed lol xxx

  • Hayley G.

    Ha ha she would love it... although pretty sure Harry might too :joy: xx

  • Kelly R.

    Can I get it in a king lol

  • Judy L.

    I was just going to say that lol bet she'd still have it xx

  • Jessica M.

    Awwww no thanks tho!!! It’s cute may get itt her! Xxx

  • Gen H.

    Awww Ariel was my fave Jade

  • Tracey B.

    I actually want this lol xxx

  • Liv J.

    See she is a princess she has a dress for when she’s a human (Disney princess Ariel) xx

  • Toria V.

    That was exactly my thoughts :joy: they need to do an Ariel and Eric side by side...

    I can just imagine James and Marks reactions :joy:

  • Kayleigh W.

    Love it but just got a peter pan one x

  • Emma M.

    Oh bloody hell I've been there today ! Your best asking your mum x

  • Louisa M.

    She gets nothing till her bday! :joy::joy:

  • Claire T.

    I love it, shame they don't do it in king size!

  • Kayleigh W.

    I just paid £24 for her other one. Might order this too x

  • Fabienne B.

    Wicked if I wasn't into interiors and this can't go in any decor

  • Louisa M.

    Saying that..her tooth is hanging by a thread so will no doubt get a visit from the tooth fairy tonight or tomorrow. The ultimate reward! :see_no_evil:

  • Lynn G.

    Aw that’s lovely eh :heart_eyes: xx

  • Jennifer M.

    Poppy would :heart: this! As would I but do not think they do a king size one :joy::joy:

  • Lindsey A.

    Do they do it in King Size :grin::joy: xx

  • Amy L.

    Yeah it’s amazing! :heart_eyes:xx

  • Hayley M.

    Plus i'm not entirely sure Chalk would appreciate it :joy:

  • Tina D.

    I saw that and thought of her.

  • Rachel K.

    Omg I loveeee that :heart::heart:

  • Sharelle M.

    I love this. Do you think Connor will let us get it hahahaha

  • Martin B.

    You know id have that in a heartbeat lol

  • Lindsey A.

    Although I do have a spare sofa bed thats 2 singles so I could get 2 for them and leave it on all the while :speak_no_evil::joy: x

  • Carole G.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: she will luv it. Thank you :kissing_heart:

  • Victoria H.

    I saw this before! I’d have it if I could :joy:

  • Corinna H.

    I've seen, they have princess reversible ones aswell xx

  • Kellyann C.

    I just checked only single :joy: xxx

  • Indea K.

    Love, love, love this so much. We've just themed her room to disney princesses so this would be perfect. X

  • Kerry W.

    Wonder if madam would approve lol x

  • Corinna H.

    She'd love them all lol. Getting her a new bed so she can have what ever bedding she wants xx

  • Rachel L.

    Yeah I saw this before and thought exactly that x

  • Kerry W.

    Aww she'll be happy girly xx

  • Lindsey A.

    Or even better, I could buy a single quilt and have it for my living room to snuggle on the sofa with :joy: stop me now before I get too carried away :see_no_evil: x

  • Amy D.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I want one!!! X

  • Jess P.

    I know someone who would love these!

  • Shelly C.

    I could get for her bday?! Xx

  • Jessica C.

    Oh my goodness this is needed in Katie’s life xxxx

  • Vikki O.

    Oh i have to order this:heart_eyes:

  • Michelle C.

    Gorgeous an not a bad price

  • Hayley P.

    Omg the girls would love this

  • Beccy B.

    Millie would love this :heart_eyes: xx

  • Gemma L.

    I need this! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jemma D.

    Love it wish it was double lol xx

  • Becky L.

    Wow this is amazing thank u xx

  • Vicky B.

    Clara and Megan would love this

  • Nini N.

    If only they made it for a double :)

  • Bernadette W.

    Caitlin has a double bed :sob:

  • Jordan H.

    Omg u can get it in double!!!

  • Laura S.

    I want one for myself lol x

  • Jen F.

    Stop it where can we get this

  • Vicky P.

    Can you imagine the boys faces he he xx

  • Laura H.

    Aw thanks i will have a look and let u know, think she will love one :grin: xxx

  • Alison W.

    I’ll Scott one of these and we’ll be fine

  • Kirsty-Leigh H.

    :joy:We've got the spare room single bed! :ok_hand:

  • Heidi W.

    I want this for myself xx

  • Marianne H.

    I’ll need to order this! :joy:xx

  • Cassie C.

    Omg I want a kingsize :sob::sob:

  • Ria W.

    Only £15 at Asda! Thanks Carly! That's a birthday present sorted!! Lol

  • Dylan H.

    Omg that’s the best idea

  • Checky D.

    Wooooooow please can I have this for my birthday X X

  • Lisa H.

    Omg i need this! Xxxxxxxxxx

  • Lindsey H.

    Harper would love this :heart_eyes:

  • Jenna K.

    I might treat myself lol

  • Michelle L.

    :heart_eyes: Rosie would love this xx

  • Sarah-Jayne A.

    I think Sophie needs this in her life! :hearts::hearts:

  • Cara C.

    Oh my gosh that’s amazing!!!!!

  • Alexandra M.

    OMG! Not double though :weary:

  • Amy-Anne P.

    awwww willow would love it xxx

  • Amanda M.

    I need this for me :sparkling_heart:xxx

  • Rachael D.

    I need a double for my daughter :heart:

  • Kayleigh A.

    :heart_eyes: wow I hope they do this in king size :joy: xx

  • Sadie H.

    I seen this yesterday I think I might have to get it! :see_no_evil: xx

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