Disney Frozen Stand Up Cup Cake Toppers £1.99 Delivered @ Amazon

10 September 2014

Frozen stand up toppers Amazon are selling these Disney Frozen Stand Up Cake Toppers for £1.99 delivered for 24. Read on though, as there are a few bits you need to know!

I love that these stand up. It makes them quite unique from other cake toppers. Reading through the reviews, however, I want you to know the negatives people mention, so you're not disappointed!

  • Firstly, you have to cut them out yourself. They don't come pre-cut. They are small and fiddly, and it can take some time to cut them out like the ones in the picture. (I don't think anything stops you from just cutting them out roughly around the edges though.)
  • Some people have mentioned that the picture must have mini cupcakes in as the toppers aren't quite as large as they look.
  • A few people have also complained that the pictures aren't as clear as they are here. Others have said they are brilliant. It's only £1.99 though, so I reckon worth a try.

Those are the negatives. However.... it's cupcake toppers. It's Disney Frozen cupcake toppers and it's something different to the usual.

By the way, there's also Halloween* stand up toppers, Lego* themed stand up toppers, Jake and the Neverland* toppers and Muppets* too!

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