Disney Frozen Magnetic Scribbler £2.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Disney Frozen Magic Scribbler Amazon are selling the Disney Frozen Magnetic Scribbler for £2.99 again. It went up in price for a while but is back down again.  You know how much any Frozen fans will love it, and for less than £3, it's a brilliant stocking filler.

Okay, so this is one of those fab deals where I can really not tell you very much about it, and rather than waste your time on trying to tell you what Disney Frozen is, I'll let you get to the buying, (assuming if you're still reading, this is something you're interested in!)

A 'magnetic scribbler' is a drawing board with metal shavings under the 'page' and a magnetic pen that pulls them up to the surface to 'draw' your picture.

You then wipe it away and start again - mess free, fuss free, pick-up free art, and perfect for travel. Great if you're heading anywhere nice over the Christmas break!

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