Disney Classic Monopoly £24.99 @ Ryman

Disney Classic Monopoly £24.99

OMG! OMG! OMG! To say I am a little excited about this special Disney Classic Monopoly is a massive understatement. What could be better than an amalgamation of two childhood favourites? It's hot property right now, so if you want it grab it for just £24.99 from Ryman before it sells out. It's £30+ elsewhere!

Disney Classic Monopoly is as magical as it sounds - you get Playing Pieces in the form of Cinderella's Shoe, Aladdin's Lamp, Dumbo's Circus Tent, Beauty and the Beast Teacups, Snow White's Poisoned Apple and Hook's Ship from Peter Pan. Awesome!

You also get 60 Game Cards, Disney Money, 2 Dice, the Disney Game Board and instead of 'Houses and Hotels' you get 'Cottages and Palaces'. I must have this!!!

Forget the likes of Pall Mall and Mayfair, you can expect addresses much more impressive in this special edition.

As you can have up to 8 players enjoying the game at once, it's ideal as a Family Christmas Game. Just don't assume because it's Disney their won't be a fallout - nothing's magical enough to stop Monopoly rivalry.

You can Click and Collect your Disney Classic Monopoly for FREE from a Ryman store near you or pay £3.50 for delivery.

Standard Delivery is FREE when you spend £40+.

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  • Gemma P.

    I know a certain 7 year old that would LOVE this!!

  • Maxine S.

    It says click and collect but I’ve never heard of a Ryman store lol? X

  • Rebecca L.

    , definitely getting this next year!! X

  • Karen F.

    Yes def get this one she will love it, xx xx

  • Megan B.

    Now that’s our kinda game!! :heart_eyes:

  • Kerry D.

    Does anyone have this? Just wondered if it’s more like proper Monopoly or like the Junior version?

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