Expired: Disney Cars Go Glow Clock Bedtime Trainer £5.89 (Was £19.99) @ Amazon

Expired: Disney Cars Go Glow Clock Bedtime Trainer £5.89 (Was £19.99) @ Amazon

Disney Cars Go Glow Clock Sleep Trainer

Happy news for those of you who are struggling with the change in routine that comes from the clocks going forward. This Disney Cars Go Glow Clock Bedtime Trainer is on special offer at Amazon right now, down in price to just £5.89 from £19.99.

I've never tried one of these sleep trainer clocks but I've thought about it several times, and have heard really good things about them from friends. It strikes me as a clever move to add a Disney theme to the basic idea of a sleep trainer clock - I know when my kids were littler they would have been thrilled with any sort of accessory relating to Lightning McQueen.

Now, the reviews are a wee bit mixed on this so it's worth having a careful read of them to see if you think it'll meet your needs. I'm inclined to think it's worth a try at this price, despite the mixed bag when it comes to customer comments. Anything for a few more minutes of shut-eye in the mornings, right?

Delivery will be free if you're an Amazon Prime customer, otherwise you might want to add some bits to your basket to bring the total spend up to £10 to get free delivery.

If you get one of these or indeed already have one, we'd love to hear what you think of it. Share in the comments below this post, or pop a comment over on our Facebook page!

With thanks to danawhitmore54 @HUKD.


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