Disney Balance Bike £15 @ Sports Direct

Disney Balance Bike £15 @ Sports Direct

disneyBalanceBikesSports Direct are selling these Disney balance bikes for half price - £15 each instead of £29.99

We've had numerous discussions about balance bikes in the PlayPennies office: are they just weird and have their pedals missing? Or are they fabulous and make learning to ride a bike much easier?

We've still not come to any conclusions but, for my money, I think they're a bit odd and I can't see HOW they make the transition to a bike with pedals quicker and easier - feel free to enlighten me.

Anyway, these two Disney balance bikes have adjustable seats so it doesn't matter if your little rider is shorter or taller for their age.

Unless you go to a bike shop, you'll find that most bikes are delivered in pieces and these Disney balance bikes are no exception - at the very least you're probably going to have to attach the wheels and possibly the handle bars.

Delivery within 24 hours will cost you £5.99, standard delivery takes a little longer and costs £3.99.

Thanks to Chocka at HUKD


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  • drewpydrawers
    Our Son just received one of these for his Birthday (£30 from Toys r Us), and he loves it! I was a bit sceptical at first but have seen other kids on it and definitely helps with learning to balance without relying on stabilisers - they are whizzing all over the place on them (just do a search on YouTube!). To answer your assembly query, they come pretty much made up, you just have to attach the handle bars and set, so just two bolts and it's ready to use... Great price by the way!
    • drewpydrawers
      ^ that's handlebars and seat by the way, sorry for the spelling! Just to add, our Son is just turned 2 - and big for his age - and is just big enough for it. So will last a while as the seat extends a fair bit.