Disney Bedtime Tigger Buddy £6.24 @ Amazon

2 January 2011

tiggerMicrowaveableTeddy I'm utterly smitten with this Tigger Disney Bedtime Buddy and I'm even more smitten with the price that Amazon are currently selling him for - £6.24 instead of £24.99.

I’ve loved Winnie the Pooh ever since I was a kid and Tigger was always my favourite.

I’m also a big fan of these microwaveable bed warmers – no filling up hot water bottles, no worries about them springing a leak in the middle of the night and all the other concerns that go along with them.

All of my kids have bears that go in the microwave – my daughter, at 15, still adores cuddling hers when it’s cold outside (don’t tell her I told you, she’ll go mad!) and my youngest has a sheep called ‘Smelly-Lambkins’ (don’t ask) and is much-loved.

If you’re unfamiliar with microwaveable teddies then here's how , basically they have a bag of wheat inside that heats up when you put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

PING! and two minutes later you have a warm and toasty bedtime friend to cuddle.  By the way, they don’t just have to be used at bedtime – I’ve often used mine for chilly late-night journeys home in the car.


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