Cinderella Aquadraw £14.99 @ DisneyStore

Cinderella Aquadraw £14.99 @ DisneyStore

matHere's a fab Friday deal for your little princess

"What would you like to today my little cherub?"

"I'd like to do some painting please!"

"....sure you wouldn't prefer something else?"

"Nope, I'd like to do painting which will require maximum floor and wall protection along with constant supervision so you can't multi-task and do anything else all the while my artistic flair is in full flow!"

GREAT! *sigh*  There's a time and a place for full-blown painting days but sometimes it's just such a palava and things like this aquadraw mat have saved me on more than on occasion!

There are lots of different ones out there but essentially they all require a bit of water in the special pen - that's what makes it 'painting' not drawing in children's eyes - and a happy child to draw all over the mat.

cindersThe water produces patterns on the mat which fade as it dries so you can start all over again - no more going through a small rainforest of paper!  This particular mat also has a special roller that rolls a pretty starry path on the mat which the Cinderella and Prince Charming figures will dance their way along along to music.

The mat is approximately 90cm x 105cm, Cinders and Mr Charming need 2 AA batteries (which aren't included), is suitable for little princesses aged three years or more and unless you're going to spend more than £75 delivery is going to cost you £4.95.

Happy clean painting!

Thanks to Sue2031 over at HUKD!


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