Beauty and the Beast Hooded Towel Poncho £9 @ Tesco Clothing

Beauty and the Beast Hooded Towel Poncho

Oh my days, this is one of those items that I wish they made in adults sizes, although I know it would probably look a bit odd wearing a towel poncho as a grown woman! But anyhow, this adorable Beauty and the Beast Hooded Towel Poncho is just gorgeous, it's brand new in at Tesco Clothing and is selling fast!

If you are heading away on holiday or just want to be nice and organised for the Summer then this towel has got to be on your to-buy list! It is the sweetest towel for any little Beauty and the Beast fan!

It is just £9 from Tesco Clothing and would make a lovely gift for a youngster. The towel features Belle's golden yellow gown at the front and is designed so it looks like whoever has the towel on is wearing Belle's dress! The design also features Lumière, Mrs Potts, Chip and Cogsworth.

The poncho features a hood to keep little ones warm when they get out of the water and is made from super soft towelling.

Home delivery is £3 or you can Click and Collect from your local Tesco store for free.

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  • Emma R.

    for Harley's swimming lessons :blush:

  • Emma H.

    know someone who would :heartbeat: this

  • Cathy D.

    That would be ideal for the beach all summer

  • Samantha V.

    do u need a new towel? :joy::joy:

    • Suzanne V.

      Perfect, it's what life is missing :raised_hands_tone2:

  • Emma L.

    u no auntie ems gonna buy this 4 my gorgeous nieces :heart_eyes: xXx

    • Annette R.

      That is do adorable, please buy lol x

    • Rebekah T.

      Aurora has frozen ones so this could easily be added to her collection

    • Emma L.

      easter prezzie healthier than chocolate eggs :joy: xXx

  • Nikki M.

    Oh wow, that’s gorgeous thanks Hun xx

  • Kerry T.

    i was in Tesco today :see_no_evil: back again tmoro then lol

  • Kym G.

    I might just see you there

  • Rachel B.

    True hun they easy to throw on them ha x

  • Stacey M.

    Aww how cute is that !! Xx

  • Lynne B.

    Lorena would love this wouldn't she xx

  • Rhiannon J.

    She'd love this think I'll get her one ready for our holidays xxx

  • Dylan C.

    They’d love them; they’re dead nice tbf xxx

  • Emma T.

    Aww I’ll have to get our Eve one for her hols she loves belle

  • Julie A.

    I know I am small but I'm not that small don't think it will fit

  • Stuart T.

    How perfect for our little princess Belle. :heart_eyes:

  • Charlotte P.

    If it’s her size I’ll get it Monday when I get paid

  • Kaisha H.

    OMG I need to get her this!! X

  • Louise C.

    Flo defo needs this for Mexico :heart_eyes: esp as she can now say princess :princess_tone2: xx

  • Sam N.

    They must do adult size! Xx

  • Kelly C.

    I saw it yesterday babe :heart_eyes: defiantly getting it for Isla, if only they did it for adults :see_no_evil: xx

  • Kirsty H.

    She'd just run around shouting "I'M BEWWW!" :joy:

  • Lanna R.

    Am on the ball when it comes to stuff like this!!!:joy::heart_eyes:

  • Sally S.

    Omg I want one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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