24% Off For 24 Hours Using Code TODAY ONLY @ The Disney Store (Expired)

24% Off For 24 Hours Using Code TODAY ONLY @ The Disney Store (Expired)

Here's a fab deal for all you early risers! Today only you can get 24% off for 24 hours on toys at The Disney Store! Just use the code TOYTUESDAY at the checkout for your discount. And it even stacks with other offers too!

The 24% off code works on these deals too so you can stack your offers!:

This offer is on toys, soft toys, roleplay and stationery so not everything is included, but it's a great opportunity to grab some more toys for Christmas!

This offer is an online only offer for today, Tuesday 14th November only, so make the most of it!

Home delivery costs from £3.95 or is free on orders over £50.


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  • Alexandra O.

    Www might have a little look :eyes:

    • Ashleigh M.

      Just seen this, could of saved some money on lotso :rolling_eyes:

      • Helen H.

        I brought a personalised soft toy and it has my daughters name on a tag round it's neck not embroidered on the foot as shown....

        • Marie E.

          Me too, very disappointed. And they wont do anything about it even tho you can see the the name is just gonna peel off :rage:

          • Karen H.

            Oh really?? I have just ordered it as well thinking it was the foot :neutral_face:

            • Nixi C.

              It depends what character you get as some of their feet aren't rrally suitable for the name being put there. The website does show you if it's on the foot or a tag.

              • Jade W.

                I had the exact same thing! It still looked nice but was different from what I thought I was buying x

                • Melissa Y.

                  Same on stitch one

                • Nicola J.

                  Millie wants the aurora doll

                  • Jason B.

                    I might have to buy one later

                    • Bryan N.

                      Balls, looks like they've sold out. Makes me feel slightly better about paying £30 at the weekend!

                      • Molly C.

                        OMG haha I need a giant one :joy::joy::joy:

                        • Hayley F.

                          Haha literally filling my basket as we speak x

                          • Jayne C.

                            Ellie would like the big Minnie

                            • Cally M.

                              Haha all over it already :joy::joy: xx

                              • Kelly C.

                                Hahahahaha I've just done an order!

                                • Kirsty O.

                                  Theres also Spend 20 and get mickey or minnie plush for 9.99.

                                  • Kelly P.

                                    This shop is lethal for me :joy::joy: love it x x

                                    • Laura F.

                                      Ordered early hours haha :see_no_evil::joy: xx

                                      • Alison C.

                                        Typical after I've ordered his toys! :joy:

                                        • Michelle L.

                                          Just ordered something already as I had free delivery too :thumbsup_tone2: x

                                          • Chad M.

                                            Good that isn’t it :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

                                            • Lynsey M.

                                              Brilliant, I’ll need to have a look xx

                                              • Samantha G.

                                                Saw this! At work today gonna have a mooch later xx

                                                • Laura L.

                                                  Oh some fab bargains!!! :heart_eyes: xx