85 Confirmed Cases Of Measles Linked To Disneyland, California: Are More Parents Refusing To Vaccinate Their Children?


Since we first told you this story about an outbreak of Measles traced back to Disneyland, California, it has developed even further. What was initially thought to be around 19 cases has now risen to 85 confirmed across 7 states in North America. Now people are being advised not to travel to Disneyland if they have not been vaccinated.

From reading not just one source of this story but many, I have read that the Doctors' comments and they have mostly been blaming unvaccinated children for the dispersion of the illness.

Two years ago, I knew of a few people in my local area who contracted Measles. All of whom had parents that refused vaccinations. I have many friends who refuse the MMR injection, jab, whatever you want to call it, for their on the grounds that the side effects are too severe to risk.

I have even met one man who blamed the MMR vaccination on his son's Autism. Once upon a time, we were told that there was a link with MMR and Autism but in recent years this claim has been dismissed. In fact, when I had my middle son vaccinated I was told that only one in a million will suffer from side effects of the MMR vaccination.

That then begs the question as to why people are choosing to refuse their children of the MMR vaccination? The initial vaccination is given at 12-13 months in the UK, followed by a booster at pre-school age. That leaves a years gap from birth to 12 months without protection.

Is it right to blame those who refuse the vaccine if a baby contracts measles? Why are people still choosing not to get their children vaccinated? We want to hear from you over on our Facebook page.

Updated 27/01/15.


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