World Doodle Map With Crayons £12 @ LikeBees

World Doodle Map With Crayons £12 @ LikeBees

Here's another rather fabulous deal (in my opinion) from LikeBees for you - they're selling this World Doodle Map with crayons for just £12, rather than its usual £24.99.

Last week I told you about the Children's World Atlas on sale at Red House Books; well, I think this World Doodle Map with crayons would make either a nice accompaniment to that, or alternative if the atlas didn't appeal to you.

My youngest son will love being able to colour in this map of the world and marking off the places he's been - which, so far, amounts to the 'Island of White' (he won't be told otherwise) and Formigine, near Bologna, in Italy - and all the countries in the world where we have friends and family.

He can see these places in the atlas that he has but can't draw on, or mark, those pages for fear of (metaphorical) DEATH - there are few things I loathe more than pages of books being written or drawn on, that aren't supposed to be!

You have FIVE DAYS to buy this LikeBees voucher; you can redeem it 24 hours after the deal has closed and up to 17 March - I was going to say, "why would you wait that long to redeem a deal voucher?" and then remembered I still have one outstanding from December (I'd better go and sort that out!).

Happy World Map Doodling! 


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