14 August 2010

waybuloo There is something very magical about Waybuloo, and this Waybuloo Peeka Pod will provide a little bit of magic for your child to play in.

If you've never come across Waybuloo then firstly, where you have you BEEN? And secondly, let me explain.

There are four main characters - Piplings - called Nok Tok, DeLi, Lau Lau and Yo Jo Jo.  They are kind and gentle creatures who represent various emotions that children can identify with.

Nok Tok represents wisdom, De Li represents love, Lau Lau imagination and and Yo Jo Jo represents fun and happiness. They live in a land called Nara and children come to visit and go on journeys of discovery and learn how to work together.

waybuloo_signpostWhen all four of the Piplings are happy this is 'Waybuloo' and they all float up to the sky.  I know it sounds a bit bonkers but if you see it, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll fall in love with the gentleness of it.

So, if you have a Waybuloo fan then all of that, combined with the utter joy kids get from climbing in and out of things and hiding in tents where they think we can't see them, this Waybuloo Peeka Pod is going to be an absolute winner.

A win for us parents because the ELC have reduced it down to £9 from £15. It's also quick and easy to put up - it just pops up and folds down - and the kids will think you, and it, are the best thing since...well, since WAYBULOO!!

Thanks to mostwanteddirect over at HUKD!

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  • Carl F.
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