Wall Mounted Parasol £44.99 @ Argos

Wall Mounted Parasol £44.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this rather ingenious, and space saving, wall mounted parasol for £44.99 instead of its full price of £89.99.

I saw a headline on the front page of one of the papers last weekend, saying the rain we're experiencing could be with us until at least September and looking at the weather for the next two weeks, at least, that's looking pretty spot on.

But, ever the optimist, I'm hopeful the jet stream will sort its life out and clear off north a little bit and let us have a little bit of summer at least - do you remember 1 October last year?  We were all wandering around in shorts due to 30C temperatures - that's my mum's birthday and I've never worn shorts on her birthday, so there's still hope for this year yet.

If your outdoor ground space is at a premium, you don't have much shade and you'd like some then have a peek at this wall mounted parasol.  It looks rather grand to me and isn't a bad price either.

You'll need a willing assistant to help you fix it to the wall (or you could just bribe someone, I often find that works quite well) and once it's up you can tilt it around depending on where the sun is at any particular time of the day.

You can't pop down to Argos to collect your wall mounted parasol I'm afraid, it's only available for home delivery which will cost you an additional £5.95.

Thanks to arron.ward at HUKD


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