Vtech Bath Friends Turtle £7.99 @ Amazon

vtechBathFriendsTurtle Amazon are selling this Vtech Bath Friends Turtle for half price - £7.99 instead of £14.99.

Good old Vtech to the bathtime rescue; my youngest went through a phase, when he was about 18 months old or so, of NOT wanting to have anything to do with the bath.

He was like a little limpet and short of getting in the water with him, he'd do anything to keep himself dry until he discovered the magic of bathtime toys; hurrah!

We didn't have one of a Vtech Bath Friends Turtle but I think he looks like a bit of fun.

He's an interactive bath toy who has some sea animal friends to play with.  Pressing the animal buttons will help your child to learn colours, sea animals and shapes and when they put the animal friend accessories into the turtle's belly they'll get all rewarded with fun reactions.

Vtech Bath Friends Turtle has an in-built motion sensor which triggers sound effects and melodies when the turtle is taken in or out of the water.  He also comes with accessories too - water pourers and squirters all add to bathtime fun and will, I'm afraid, probably end up with you getting wet.

By the way, this price is guaranteed by Amazon all week; yippeee!

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