VonShef 3 Tier Party Drinks Dispenser £22.99 Delivered @ eBay Seller: domu-uk

VonShef 3 Tier Party Drinks Dispenser £22.99

NEED IT! I will let you into a little secret... us PlayPennies girls like a little tipple so when I clapped eyes on this VonShef 3 Tier Party Drinks Dispenser, I got a tad excited.

It screams summer parties or barbecue, so if you like to entertain grab one for just £22.99 with FREE delivery from eBay Seller: domu-uk.

The VonShef 3 Tier Party Drinks Dispenser is not for the kids! They get the swing set, the inflatable whales that spray water and lots of other cool things, so this is ours!

Get creative with some boozy concoctions or fill it with some exotic fruit juices.

Don't worry about it serving lukewarm drinks as it has a built-in 1.7 litre ice compartment base.

Each compartment can take 3.5 litres of liquid which is a stonking total of 10.5 litres! Oh that's some party! Each level has it's own dispensing tap too.

Don't want it delivered? You can Click and Collect it from your local Argos store, for FREE instead.


  • Charlotte J.

    That looks awesome :thumbsup_tone2::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink:

  • Lauren F.

    Needed! X

  • Claire H.

    I want this!! :cocktail: X

  • Amy V.

    perfect when we cant decide what cocktail to have! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Hannah A.

    Love it xxxxx

  • Jordan H.

    need one of these for the garden

  • Louise D.

    this looks so good!! Xx

  • Lucy A.

    I want one of these !

    • Chris B.

      Go nice with a big bbq

  • Michelle P.

    Cosmopolitan, cider and pimms. ... sounds good to me x

  • Kelly S.

    this is ace :heart_eyes::relaxed:

  • Mandy R.

    I need this, top one for PIMMS, bottom one for squash!!

  • Tara S.

    Definitely need this

  • Christie W.

    Now this is a drink dispenser !

    • Owen W.

      I want

    • Owen W.

      I need

  • Moira M.

    why wait until kids are in bed? yum!looks good! Roll on summer garden parties x x

  • Toni-ann B.

    This is genius :laughing::beers:

  • Kaleigh H.

    We need one xx

  • Joanne G.

    haha have to get a few x

  • Laura L.


  • Stevie W.

    Oh my god I need this for my cocktails!!!!!! X

  • Shani P.

    Haha, I thought it was a steamer at first!

  • Jason B.

    Looks great xxxxxx

  • Sarah B.

    Fab idea!!! Xx

  • Candice R.

    I neeeeeeed this lol x

  • Lesley M.

    I need this in my life lol

  • Louise M.

    Wow!!! X

  • Katy A.

    this looks great :relaxed: xx

    • Rebecca H.

      This is a must try! :wink: xx:tropical_drink:

  • Louise M.

    Brilliant price!! Fair play x

  • Natalie C.

    Totally tempted to buy one.......

  • Clare H.

    Looks good! Xx

  • Tim R.

    I think this looks great!!!

  • Caitlin B.

    We need this :joy: xx

  • Carla L.

    Think I'm gonna have to get this one :grin::tropical_drink::cocktail:xx

  • Catherine L.

    My 3 would be pimms, expresso martini and prosecco...imagine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Jane J.

    Cool x

  • Melissa L.

    this looks amazing!!!!xxx

  • Amanda Y.

    Ooooo I want one xxx

  • Lynette M.

    I thought this was a steamer when I first say it lol

  • Jolene M.

    Would love it

  • jellybeans12

    How do you get to the ice? And/or how are the the drinks kept cool if the ice is in a whole separate layer? Am I missing something in the description?

  • Grainne L.


  • Holly L.

    Ordered mine thank you :blush:

  • Susie G.

    - what fun this is! X

    • June S.

      We need one of these! X

  • Lou W.

    I sooooo want one of those! !!!

  • Sharon W.

    That be funky :)

  • Louise S.

    Omg I need this in my life now lol x

  • Amy P.

    I need one :heart_eyes:

  • Victoria F.

    this is defo a bbq must have lol

  • Carl N.


  • Emma N.

    We need one of these :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Emma T.

    we could do with this x

    • Rebecca L.

      We defo need one xx ya seen this :joy::joy::joy:

    • Becky T.

      I need one in my life!

    • Rebecca L.

      Need one each :joy::joy:

  • Kristina J.

    I want this for our garden party's ?? Xxxxxx

  • Rosaleen S.

    looks good.x

  • emmajk42

    Got one of these! Can't wait to use it. 

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