Viola Wooden Pull-Along Shape Sorter Toy £5.88 @ Amazon

Ohhhh I really hope Amazon leave this Voila wooden pull-along shape sorter toy at £5.88, instead of £15.99, for a while!

I'd happily pay full price for this Voila wooden pull-along shape sorter toy, actually - I have a thing for wooden toys and shape sorters 'do' it for me as far as toys go too, so it gets a bit of a double-whammy thumbs up from me regardless of the price.

Wooden toys are, in my mind at least,  just so much more elegant and refined than plastic fantastic ones - they feel so much nicer in your hands and they look nicer too.

So that's the wooden bit out of the way, now onto shape sorters!  They are just fantastic toys - fun and challenging for little kiddies and help to develop all sorts of skills in the name of 'play'.

Shape recognition and fine motor skills are the two main developmental areas being honed and crafted when you play with a shape sorter toy - let alone the immense feeling of satisfaction and 'I did it!' when each shape successfully fits into its slot.  You could also stack the pieces too, to make a tower before knocking it down; knocking towers down is always the fun part for little ones.

They're just brill' and so is the current price of this Voila wooden pull-along shape sorter toy.  Amazon have already messed around with the price of one deal I've written today, I'd grab one of these whilst you can!

Thanks to Danzel78 at HUKD

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