Up To 50% Off Sun & Tanning @ Feel Unique

Up To 50% Off Sun & Tanning @ Feel Unique

If you're feeling a little pasty at the moment and fancy getting a little tan before getting your pins out in the warmer weather, why not invest in some fake tan.

Over at Feel Unique they currently have up to 50% off tanning products and sun lotions including luxury brands such as St Tropez.

Gone are the days of waiting 12 hours for your tan to develop and feeling uncomfortable all night while waiting to be bronzed. Now there are plenty of instant tans on the market that are definitely worth a try.

If you just fancy a nice glow for an evening out how about trying the He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel* for £13.90, it currently has 25% off the retail price of £18.50. You can also get a Gradual Tan* from the same brand, it is designed to be used daily to build up to a bronzed complexion. It also has 25% off and is now £11.65 for 200ml.

Bondi Sands is a popular brand nowadays, I have used this product and I love it. The Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mist* currently has 30% off and is now just £10.50 for a 250ml bottle. It gives a really natural colour and smells so much better than most fake tans in my opinion.

Xen-Tan is also a popular brand for self tanning, if you want a gradual tan you can build up daily I recommend trying the Xen-Tan Transform Luxe Daily Self Tan* with 25% off for £18.75.

Home delivery is free on orders over £15!

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