Two Nomination Classic Steel Charms Plus FREE 17 Link Base Bracelet £2.90 Delivered (Expired)

Two Nomination Classic Steel Charms Plus FREE 17 Link Base Bracelet £2.90 Delivered (Expired)

Go grab your purse, you're going to need it! Like Nomination Charm Bracelets? Xen Jewellery have an offer on where you buy any two Nomination charms and get a bracelet for FREE!

We tried it on the 70p Nomination Classic Steel Charm and it works! Simply add two of them to your basket and the FREE Nomination 17 Link Base Bracelet.

So, to clarify, you get two Nomination Classic Steel Charms and a Nomination 17 Link Base Bracelet for £1.40 (plus delivery of £1.50).

For each mulitple of two add one bracelet.

The FREE Bracelet is worth £11.80+ so it's a decent FREEBIE for an outlay of just £2.90 including delivery!

Don't fret Xen Jewellery Design are an authorised stockist of Nomination Jewellery!

There's also copper* or gold* links if you prefer at £1.70 each.

Thanks to Chrissy on our Facebook page!


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  • Leigh Y.

    Orders 4 links with 2 free bracelets for under a fiver....many thanks! Xxx

    • Sarah L.

      How do u order x

      • Leigh Y.

        Just click the link above and it will explain exactly how :blush:

        • Sophie C.

          What links are they? I can't seem to find them? :worried:

          • Leigh Y.

            Just the plain nomination links...if you click the link above it explains it all

          • Jade F.

            I can just get the free bracelet .... u dnt need to order two links x

            • KRisty C.

              Me too just ordered a few for Xmas presents

              • Jade F.

                KRisty Leann Creasey I wonder if they'll turn up .... x

                • KRisty C.

                  Fingers crossed.. mine should be here 1-3days x

                  • Jade F.

                    KRisty Leann Creasey same I ordered 3 :see_no_evil:

                    • KRisty C.

                      I changed it from 1 to 3 then to 5 :speak_no_evil::joy: may as well make the most of it x

                      • Jade F.

                        To right lol :joy:

                        • KRisty C.

                          Just looked online and there's really good reviews about the company and there's an actual shop so looks promising :relaxed: x

                          • Talvinder K.

                            Where from ?

                            • Jade F.

                              Click the link

                              • Jade F.

                                KRisty Leann Creasey yeahhhh I've just checked on there shop and av emailed them x

                                • Talvinder K.

                                  Ok let me know if you get them then I'll order :wink:

                                • Danni T.

                                  Great ordered two! Thats two christmas presents sorted!

                                  • Kimberley T.

                                    xharms are usually 20 pound

                                    • Steph O.

                                      Yeh but the 70p charm just says nomination so that will be why it's cheap.

                                      • Jade F.

                                        Has anybody brought before ? X

                                        • Charlene O.

                                          I ordered the free bracelet. Only £1.50 for the delivery

                                          • Samantha C.

                                            Thanks just order 2 charms with free bracelet £3.90 including delivery

                                            • Jess H.

                                              Is the bracelet plain with no links? I've heard of nomination bracelets but not actually seen them

                                              • Alice H.

                                                I've got two:relaxed:

                                                • Jess H.

                                                  I might have to.... x

                                                • Rachael J.

                                                  Just ordered 3 bracelet n 6 charms for £10.20 n got free delivery x

                                                  • Becky H.

                                                    How are you getting cheap charms? X

                                                    • Rachael J.

                                                      The plain gold ones that say nomination on them x

                                                    • Leanne W.

                                                      I just ordered one for £1.50?!!

                                                      • Natasha A.

                                                        Done it but dnt know if I gonna get it only time will tell

                                                        • Ashlie W.

                                                          Has anyone received these?

                                                          • Sian D.

                                                            No way!!! Is it actual nomination bracelet? Im looking now!! lol xx

                                                            • Lianne K.

                                                              Yeah, the one u get free is 17 links, just tried getting stephs on which is 16 links and it wouldn't even go over my hand, the 2 free will take it to 19 links, I've ordered 4 charms and 2 brackets lol, plenty enough to fit me haha X

                                                              • Martine M.

                                                                Y r they free is there a catch

                                                                • Lisa B.

                                                                  Yeah, just pay for the postage £1.50

                                                                  • Sarah C.

                                                                    Dunt give u option of colour av just ordered one wiv 2 charms then one on its own for £1.50 lol x

                                                                    • Sarah C.

                                                                      Yer its free just £1.50 delivery x

                                                                      • Dianne W.

                                                                        Wonder if they'll honour it