Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear £25.31 @ Amazon

Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear £25.31 @ Amazon

The price of this Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear has already gone up and down more times than NASA has sent rockets and space shuttles into Space!

You know what Amazon are like when they're in price fiddling mood, so it's up to you whether you pounce now and grab one at this price or play price roulette and see whether they bring the price down again.

The current price is £25.31 - it's been lower, it's been higher, it's been lower again (you know the drill) - and the full retail price is usually £44.99, which is what the other usual suspects are selling it for at the moment, so Amazon is you're only sensible choice just now.

I have to get something off my chest before I tell you about this Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear:  I cannot STAND Buzz Lightyear!

Of all the Toy Story characters that annoy me, of whom Bo Peep is another, Buzz Lightyear tops my irritation chart every single time: his voice annoys me, his arrogance annoys me, he's not funny, or amusing, and I'm always a bit taken aback that a computer animated character can trigger such strong feelings of loathing within me.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks Buzz is just GREAT - maybe I should buy him a Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear for his birthday this coming Monday.

Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear comes with a whole host of functions: he has body sensors that allow him to interact with you when you move him - pick him up and his jet pack makes, well, jet pack noises, his helmet flips closed and the lights on his wings activate.

He says over 50 of his most well-known phrases (someone, please, tear my ears off now), he has poseable arms and a laser blaster button. Toy Story Flight Control Buzz Lightyear is suitable for young wannabe Space Rangers aged three years and older and the batteries he needs are included - although, personally, I'd like him much more without the batteries so he couldn't talk for infinity and beyond!

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