Toffee The Pony - Interactive Emotion Pet £18.41 @ Amazon

This Animagic Toffee Electric Pony is currently up for grabs at Amazon for £18.41, his usual price is £59.99 and the cheapest I've ever seen him for before is £30 back in early 2012!

I've grown up with horses; I started riding when I was four-years-old and have been in love with the long-tailed, four-legged, pointy-eared beasts ever since.  When I was little I couldn't get enough of horses and ponies and would have loved one of these interactive Toffee ponies to play with when I was away from my real one (his name was Minder).

I know his eyes look a bit demonic in the picture but, trust me, your pony-crazy child won't notice that!  Instead, they'll just love that Toffee sways his head, blinks his eyes, wiggles his ears and neighs.

He also chews when you feed him carrots, falls asleep when he's tired and when he gets scared his ears tremble; wow, even at my age I still think I'd love one a Toffee pony of my own.

Toffee the pony needs four AA batteries, which aren't included and he's suitable for young equestrians aged two years and over.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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