Little Tikes Secret Garden Playhouse £59.99 @ Early Learning Centre

If you're after a playhouse that doesn't require you to take out a small mortgage for it, then pop over to the ELC - you'll be able to pick up a Little Tikes Secret Garden playhouse for £59.99, instead of £149.99and have it delivered to your home for free.

Playhouses 'do' something to kids.  I don't know what it is about them, but I do know they've been having this effect ever since I was a little girl and, for sure, way back before then too:  if there's a playhouse to be played in then kids WILL.

The Little Tikes Secret Garden playhouse has all the features that kids love about playhouses: a sink with tap, built in table with stool, working 'dutch' door with doorbell and a crawl-through garden gate.

There used to be a Little Tikes playhouse at the cute pocket park that was just down the lane from where we used to live; my youngest son, when he was about two, absolutely adored playing in it and you either had to resign yourself to the fact you'd be there with him for hours and hours OR, brace yourself for tantrums trying to get him out of there before he wanted to.

The published price for this Little Tikes Secret Garden playhouse on the ELC website is £79.99 - just add promotion code BLUEBIRD or CHEETAH to your basket and the price will come down to £59.99 for you.

Thanks to cazzap06 at HUKD

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