Thundercats Sword And Claw Shield £9.99 @ ToysRUs

Thundercats Sword And Claw Shield £9.99 @ ToysRUs

Toys R Us scoop the prize for offering the lowest price (that I could find) on this Thundercats Sword and Claw Shield - they're selling it for £9.99, every else, on average, is around the £20 mark.

Well now, who'd have thought the Thundercats would make a comeback?! I love, love, LOVED watching the Thundercats cartoons when I got home from school, it was awesome, and HOW much did I want to be like Cheetarah?!!

My youngest son watches Thundercats on his iTouch and is highly amused that Tygra and Co were around when I was just a bit older than he is (the Thundercats, not the Touch!).

The sword isn't just any sword, ohhh  no, it's the 'mighty Sword of Omens!' and can be kept short, like a dagger, or extended into a short sword (I don't remember it doing that in the cartoons!) and the claw shield also doubles up as a sheath for your sword - handy!

You can pay £4.95 to have your Thundercats Sword and Claw Shield delivered to your home OR, you can click, reserve and collect it in-store for free.

Did you watch the Thundercats all those years ago?

Am I the only one sitting here hearing, "...thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS - HO!!!!!!!" in my head and feeling the overwhelming urge to look up a view episodes on youTube?

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