Swarovski Sale

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I don't 'do' New Year's Eve (I slept through some hectic fireworks last night, apparently) but I do do New Year's Day - all bright, sparkly and smugly NOT hungover.

How are you feeling today?  If you're feeling a little worse for wear and are in need of some bright and sparkly, then the only thing you can do is pop over to Swarovski and take a look at all the pretty sparkly things they've included in their New Year sale - there's between 30 and 50% off lots and lots of things, but only while stocks last.

Years and years ago I went out with a lad whose mum collected Swarovski things' they looked lovely when the sun shone through them but, looking back now, WOW they must have been a pain to dust under - they sat on a huge Swarovski mirror base thingy.

I still think of Swarovski as only doing little ornaments but, of course, there are the charms for necklaces and bracelets, sunglasses, cufflinks, rings and all sorts - plenty to sort through and either buy a few pieces for yourself, or for someone else.

Thanks to KazzyD at HUKD

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