Swarovski Crystals Sale

1 January 2011


While the cobwebs from last night are still falling away, here at PlayPennies, we're already looking to the future, and we all know what the next big event on the calender is: Valentines day! If you are looking for something special for someone special, Swarovski might just have the answer in their up to 50% off sale.

I can spend hours standing looking in the window of the Swarovski shop in Oxford street. Every sparkle catches my eye and it's like a magical winterscape. I rarely, if ever, go inside, because why on earth would I put myself through the trauma of not being in a position to buy everything I really, really want.

This sale is much the same – with the exception that some of these are entirely affordable!

The sale includes beautiful charms at half price, meaning the Aquamarine Large Starfish Charm is down to £7.34, the Burgundy Polygon Charm is only £6.36 as is the Clear Crystal Flower Charm.

Classic necklaces are 50% off too, meaning the beautiful Cobra Necklace is £100.36, which is still a lot of money, but others, such as the Mariposa Pink Pendant is only £19.58.

The Swarovski sale also includes fashion items, figurines, rings and watches.

Thanks to KazzyD from HUKD

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