Swan Programmable Coffee Maker £15.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Swan programmable coffee maker for less than half price - £15.99 instead of £39.99.

I WANT one of these Swan programmable coffee makers! In fact, I don't just want one, I need one!

I'm really unwell at the moment (I'm wearing a surgical mask so as to not spread my germs around the PlayPennies office - I'm such a trooper!) and just getting up this morning to make myself a cup of coffee pretty much wiped me out - honestly, it's ridiculous.

Reading about the Swan programmable coffee maker sent me off into a happy dream world where I woke up in the morning to discover fresh, hot filter coffee waiting for me right next to the bed.  Just imagine that - it would be as if the coffee fairies had been.

You can either share the five cups of coffee that it makes, or you could just keep them all to yourself - although five cups of coffee before getting out of bed...wow, you'd be WIRED up for hours, perhaps sharing them would be the best idea.

If your local Argos store(s) has stock then you can arrange to pop in and collect your Swan coffee maker at no extra cost, failing that you'll need to pay an additional £3.95 and keep your fingers crossed it arrives in time for pre-timed coffee on Christmas morning.

Thanks to RainbowBrighter at HUKD

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