Summer Infant Pre-Natal Heart Listening Monitor £6.78 @ Tesco Direct

I had one of these Summer prenatal heart monitors when I was pregnant with my youngest. If you'd like one, pop over to Tesco and pick one up for £6.78 - Boots are currently selling them for £22, Argos for £14.99 and Amazon for £13.70.

I was never one of these women who enjoyed being pregnant, but one of the things I did look forward to were scans and hearing the baby's heartbeat when I went to see the midwife.

I loved the sound of that beat so much that I bought a Summer prenatal heart listening monitor. It can be used from 28 weeks onwards - actually, let me rephrase that: you can use it from whenever you like, but the later you leave it the more chance you have of hearing the heartbeat you're listening for. 

I tried it from 12 weeks onwards, and sometimes found it tricky to pick up my son's heartbeat regularly. I had to try very hard not to allow panic and thoughts of 'there's something wrong!' to take over.

Please treat this as more of an entertainment item (for want of a better word) than a foolproof medical device - you really must go to your midwife or GP for proper medical checks.

That said, I loved messing around with my Summer prenatal heart rate monitor. Listening in on the little jumping bean that was kicking, and elbowing, the living daylights out of me was a lot of fun.

Thanks to sapphire1 at HUKD

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