Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster £22.99 (was £29.99) @ Kiddicare

Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster £22.99 (was £29.99) @ Kiddicare

When this booster came out late last year it just missed the summer rush and there was a long wait to get hold of one, but now it's out of season this amazing Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster is in the sale. It was £29.99 but is now down to £22.99 at Kiddicare, and that's the first reduction we have seen.

This is a portable booster seat for your little one that can fold up and open in seconds. It has a removable BPA free tray, is lightweight, has straps to secure your little one, extra straps to secure it to an adult chair, and comes in it's own over the shoulder carrying bag. There's even a little mesh pocket on the back of the chair so you can pop some essentials like bibs or wipes in there as well.

This looks so compact and easy to use compared to other booster seats, and it is small enough that you could pop it under your pushchair or in the car boot as it takes up so little room. How fab would this be for picnics, visiting family, or day trips?

Home delivery is £2.99, or is free when you spend over £49.99.


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  • Georgina D.

    fab for picnics summer time

    • Lisa S.

      how good is this! Come in handy for footy n stuff xx

      • Kerrie-Ann H.

        u will be needing this for camping next year x

      • Claire C.

        I was just looking at this, this afternoon! Its 22.99 in kiddicare. Only one i could find that stands alone but also straps to chair

        • Vikki T.

          The chicco pocket snack is better than this and it's only £15 in mothercare usually. We bought 2 and we've not yet found a chair that we couldn't use it on.

          • Claire C.

            i looked at them but its not for use freestanding. Wanted one to take to my dads, he doesnt have chairs/table. Thank you though :)

          • Charlotte K.

            This is an brilliant idea.

            • Emma G.

              How cute is this!!! Might look into one for my front room :joy::joy::joy:

              • Elana M.

                I saw this! Would love one!!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                • Kate K.

                  How cute is that?! Love it! Xx

                  • Sarah H.

                    I needed this yesterday! X

                    • Naomi A.

                      Perfect! For days with daddy fishing :joy: cxx

                      • Kelly C.

                        I defo want one of these x

                        • Rosea P.

                          Love this! Will be great for summer picnics!

                          • Helen W.

                            Summer picnics and walking adventures :heart_eyes:

                            • Liam O.

                              For camping in the summer!! :thumbsup_tone1:

                              • Jenny M.

                                I have one of these and it's fantastic!! Would definitely recommend it as it's so handy to take with you when you're going to visit people and a lot less bulkier than a high chair! The table is a bit on the small side though but other than that it's perfect :grin:

                                • Hayley G.

                                  Can I ask what age would u say it would go up to as you have one? X

                                  • Jenny M.

                                    I'd say with the table 2 but the chair will last longer and you could just use it as a booster seat at a regular table!

                                    • Louise P.

                                      Where dod u get ot from what is it called?

                                      • Jenny M.

                                        I got mine on Amazon but it had to be shipped from America as it wasn't available in the U.K then! I can't remember the name but I think the link on this post gives it!

                                      • Katherine C.

                                        This looks pretty cool! X

                                        • Stacey S.

                                          Really does and it's a lot easier to carry if your out and about :-)

                                          • Shaunna S.

                                            Be amazing for you during the summer xx

                                            • Louise C.

                                              No but as a temporary thing for if you's were away for weekend or camping or something it'd be good x

                                              • Jen T.

                                                And it's not powered by electricity!!