Summer Clothing For Dogs @ B&M

Summer Clothing For Dogs @ B&M
Summer Clothing For Dogs @ B&M

Oh my days, my husband would go mad if I decided to buy Summer clothing for the dog as well as myself and my daughter. But how can I resist when there is such a gorgeous selection at B&M!

Here's a few of the items you can purchase for your pooch to wear:

It has to be said that this is just a bit of fun and if your dog is unhappy in any way then remove immediately.

Head to your nearest B&M store to grab your doggy their Summer wardrobe!


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  • Jessica C.

    oh my god I need to get the dogs these hahahaha

    • Erin S.

      to complete Sookies paddling pool look!

      • Roxie N.

        Aww my god!!! Adorable!! Xxx

        • Sheree W.

          She needs a birthday suit x

          • Sarah B.

            I can just picture pebbles in a bikini :joy::joy::joy:

            • Rebecca B.

              Yeah Bella would love the bikini :joy:

              • Sam G.

                Hahaha I think Barnaby would look fabulous in that hat :)

                • Chloe M.

                  omg then we can take her swimming!!x

                  • Emma M.

                    Lol erm I may draw the line at that x

                    • Laura C.

                      Could see Alfie in the shirt :joy: xx

                      • Laura C.

                        Don't they do Barry size he'd look fab in a bikini xx

                        • Haley M.

                          Oh she would love a little kini :see_no_evil: xx

                          • Viv A.

                            Ha ha .. I love them .:heart_eyes: Miss Fudge likes to skinny dip as she’s in the water as quick as lightening.. Xxx :feet::dog::feet:

                            • Suzanne M.

                              Stephen said “absolutely not” :sob:

                              • Larissa F.

                                Good birthday present for him! X

                                • Pauline O.

                                  Must see what colour they have as they must go with his flip flops lol xxc

                                  • Stephanie B.

                                    Haha wee ones would love it

                                    • Amy L.

                                      Woohoo! My old Dog had Christmas jumpers and a Santa outfit and everything! This is right up my street!! Xx

                                      • Amber M.

                                        I need to buy a hat and shirt for buster :joy:

                                        • Fiona M.

                                          Ooh which one to pick :see_no_evil: