Stokke Tripp Trapp 20% Off @ Mothercare

Stokke Tripp Trapp 20% Off @ Mothercare


The Tripp Trapp high chairs from Stokke at Mothercare currently have 20% off, taking them from an expensive £154 to a slightly less, but still pricey £123.20 – with the added bonus that postage is free on all orders of £50.

I say “invest”, because, expensive though the Tripp Trapp is, it is an investment that should stay with you for the weaning life of your child. I personally never owned one, finding it hard to justify the spend, but the mums I know that have them, love them. The Tripp Trapp has won awards over the years, so it must be good!

Available in a range of colours and optional accessories, the Tripp Trapp is designed to fit right into your table, like a normal chair, which is a great bonus if you don't have an amplitude of space for a wide legged high chair. It 'grows' with your child, meaning that you can add and remove bits over time to use it into adulthood.

The colours available at Mothercare are:Walnut, Purple, Cherry, Whitewash, Black,Blueand Pink.


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