Star Wars: Science Optical Command Unit £9.99 delivered @ PLAY

starWars I have a nearly-four year old who is an absolute Star Wars fanatic!

It's his birthday next month and he'll go mad for this Star Wars 'Science Optical Command Unit'.  Your little Star Wars Rebel will be able to go all sorts of missions with this great item (I'm assuming they're a member of the Rebellion and not the Empire!).

I don't really know what to call it other than by it's given name of a Science Optical Command Unit because it's more than just a pair of binoculars for kids which, let's face it, is what they look like.

They WILL indeed allow your child to look into the distance and keep an eye out for approaching StormTroopers, but they will also be able to look at things in microscopic detail closer to home as there is a magnifying function too.  Not only that, there's a mini-projector too and all for £9.99 - this is a great price, Play have chosen to ignore the rrp of £25.99 and the cheapest anywhere else is Amazon at £19.99.

There's no delivery to pay when you order from Play if you're within the UK and they usually dispatch within 24 hours too, so your little Star Wars fan won't have to wait for very long before he (or she - I love Star Wars!) can really feel the part and go out on missions with his Science Optical Command Unit.

Thanks to Troythecat over at HUKD!

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