Star Wars Angry Birds Plush Toys From £5.89 @ Amazon

I remember when the original Angry Birds plush toys were released, you couldn't get hold of them for love nor money...for a little while, at least.  Tamsin bought a few of them and gave me the red and white ones - I've subsequently lost custody of Red and White to Edward, my youngest son and am now sorely tempted to buy him a few of these Star Wars Angry Birds plush toys for his birthday.

There are various sizes and various styles - if I had to choose a favourite, I'd be stuck!  I do know the ones I'm least likely to buy are any of the Princess Leia ones - she has to be one of my least favourite Star Wars characters of all, even though she's rather central to the entire story!

Okay, I've decided! Having had another look through them, I think Star Wars Angry Birds Chewbacca is my favourite - he's just awesome.

Just be careful, please, and make sure you don't buy one for a really daft price, there are some good deals and there are some prices which are just plain ridiculous - prices start from £5.89 (good deal) and go right up to £68.50 (insane!).

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!

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