Sign Up To Amazon Prime For £16 Each (5 Members) @ Amazon

Sign Up To Amazon Prime For £16 Each (5 Members) @ Amazon


I love Amazon Prime, no pesky £20 minimum spend before they start adding delivery charges and next day delivery as standard. The free unlimited photo storage and instant streaming of around 15,000 titles with Prime Instant Video are an added bonus certainly but not the main draw for me.

But and it’s a big but I know, it does cost £79 per year and with lots of family finances being stretched to the max with essentials, is it an expense you can justify? That’s why I wanted to share this tip. Not many people know about it and it is definitely worth considering.

You can get Amazon Prime for as little as £16 per year if you have four other family members who also wish to join. You don’t need to share names or an address, only a wish to have Amazon Prime.

So how does it work?

The thing to note is that only the main account holder will have access to the photo storage and streaming. ALL members will benefit from free deliveries under £10 and unlimited next day delivery. You join as a member then follow these three simple steps :

1. Go to Manage Prime Membership .

2. Click Invite a household member.

3. Share your membership by entering the name, relationship, birthday, and e-mail address of the person you'd like to share the membership with, along with your birthday.

Your family member accepts your invitation and that is that.

You stop sharing your membership with someone by selecting the bullet next to their name and then clicking “Remove”.

There are a few terms and conditions, read these carefully to make sure it’s for you.

Amazon Family members receiving Amazon Prime delivery benefits and customers receiving a free 30 days of Amazon Prime benefits with Kindle Fire won't be able to share their benefits. All existing shared household members will continue to receive delivery benefits if the primary member switches to the Amazon Prime as offered by one of these programmes. However, the primary member won't be able to add or change shared household members if they move to one of these programmes.

My family and I have been sharing Amazon Prime this year and I couldn’t be without it now. I’m not the most organised person and it’s a lifesaver for that last minute party invite and especially around Christmas.  Would I pay £79 per year? I probably would but for £16 it’s a no brainer for me.

Still not sure? Why not sign up for a 30 day trial HERE*? It’s FREE and is easily cancelled online in your account should you decide it’s not for you.

Thanks to henlans at HUKD


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