Shaun The Sheep Complete First Series DVD £7.77 @ Amazon

This Shaun the Sheep Complete First Series DVD has been featured before on PlayPennies; this price beats it though (for the moment at least) and I can't find it cheaper anywhere else out there in Internet land.

Amazon are selling it for £7.77; the next cheapest I found was The Hut at £9.95, followed by Very, Base and OneClickPlay at around the £12-£13 mark and Sainsbury's seem to be selling it for £25 - I kid you not, LOOK!

Kids of a certain age will only know Shaun the Sheep as being Timmy, from Timmy Time's, Uncle; teenage kids and the rest of us will know him from Wallace and Gromit fame, where he, along with Gromit, saved the day in A Close Shave - one of the best 'Wallace and Gromits' in my opinion

Forty Shaun the Sheep episodes await you on this Shaun the Sheep Complete First Series DVD and I've only just discovered that Justin 'Mr Tumble' Fletcher is one of the featured voices; wow, every day really is a school day.

Watch out for Amazon's price shuffling if you think you might want to buy this Shaun the Sheep Complete First Series, it's NOT a Deal of the Week so the price isn't fixed.


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